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KOI MOSAICS - The peacefulness of a koi pond inspired me to capture the colors and movement of the fish in harmony with their environment.

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MOSAIC PORTRAITS - I try to capture an expression, a look, a mood of the person I am creating in glass. My approach to these is more like "painting with glass" than a traditional mosaic.

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FLORAL MOSAICS - A garden provides us with scents and colors that both stimulage and refresh us. With glass, my gardens come alive, never die and forever remind us of nature's beauty.

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INSTALLATIONS - The challenge to create an artistic piece for a specific site is achieved with an understanding of the space as well as the expressive input of the client.

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MOSAIC VASES - Working on curved surfaces can be a bit time consuming but very rewarding. I let the shape of ceramic vase inspire my design.

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AVAILABLE WORK - Though most of my time is spent on commissioned projects, I am occasionally able to create pieces that are of a personal interest to me. Here is a current listing of pieces for sale!

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